; cute things kill people.
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Reblog if you think tattoos/piercings/stretched ears should be more allowed in the work place.

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Life isn’t meant to be lived in one place. Travel the fucking world and experience everything cause you’ve only got one life to live.
My therapist:Look at nature. Look at flowers. We never walk into our garden and say "Oh wouldn't that flower be so much more pretty if it were taller? Or red instead of pink?" No, we don't. Because nature was created perfect just as it is. And so are we. We are part of nature, we are how we're meant to be, we are perfect just as we are.





this is more education about your vagina than you’ll receive in a US public school system so. read up! men too!

I love this infographic!

A wonderful infographic about the vagina and vulva. If you disregard the infographic’s gendered language, there is accurate genital information! 

because why not share it

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just got “hentai” tattooed on my lower back!!  it’s japanese for love :)

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If you ever figure me out, please teach me who I am.
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